These are answers to frequently asked questions in regard to the Wappalyzer browser extensions.

May I suggest an application to be added?

Yes. The fastest way to get an application included is by submitting a pull request on GitHub.

Wappalyzer doesn't detect an application

There are several reasons why Wappalyzer may not detect an application.

  • It may not have been added yet (this is a manual process). Feel free to add it.
  • In the case of server-side applications you may need to reload the page.
  • Some applications can be difficult or even impossible to detect.
  • It may be a bug. Please refer to the contact page if you wish to report it.

Wappalyzer incorrectly identifies an application

This is probably a bug. Please refer to the contact page if you wish to report it.

How do I remove Wappalyzer?

In Firefox, navigate to "about:addons", find "Wappalyzer" in the "Extensions" tab and click the "Remove" button.

In Chrome, right click the Wappalyzer icon and click "Remove from Chrome".

What information is being tracked?

By default the browser extensions send anonymous information about websites you visit to wappalyzer.com. This information is used to generate the statistics on this website, as well as website lists that we sell. To respect your privacy we don't track full URLs (domain names only) and no information can be traced back to you personally. You may opt-out by turning this feature off in the settings. Please see our privacy statement.

If your question wasn't answered here please get in touch.