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Wappalyzer is a cross-platform utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects content management systems, ecommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools and many more.


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1C-Bitrix 1C-Bitrix 2z Project 2z Project 3dCart 3dCart a-blog cms a-blog cms Accessible Portal Accessible Portal actionhero.js actionhero.js Adobe Experience Manager Adobe Experience Manager Ametys Ametys Amiro.CMS Amiro.CMS AMPcms AMPcms Apostrophe CMS Apostrophe CMS AsciiDoc AsciiDoc Backdrop Backdrop Banshee Banshee BIGACE BIGACE Bolt Bolt BrowserCMS BrowserCMS Bubble Bubble Business Catalyst Business Catalyst Cargo Cargo Chameleon Chameleon Ckan Ckan CMS Made Simple CMS Made Simple CMSimple CMSimple Concrete5 Concrete5 Contao Contao Contenido Contenido Contens Contens ContentBox ContentBox Cotonti Cotonti CPG Dragonfly CPG Dragonfly CppCMS CppCMS Craft CMS Craft CMS Danneo CMS Danneo CMS DataLife Engine DataLife Engine DedeCMS DedeCMS Django CMS Django CMS DM Polopoly DM Polopoly DNN DNN Dotclear Dotclear DovetailWRP DovetailWRP Drupal Drupal DTG DTG Dynamicweb Dynamicweb e107 e107 Eleanor CMS Eleanor CMS enduro.js enduro.js EPiServer EPiServer eSyndiCat eSyndiCat Exagon Concept Exagon Concept ExpressionEngine ExpressionEngine eZ Publish eZ Publish FlexCMP FlexCMP Fork CMS Fork CMS GetSimple CMS GetSimple CMS Google Sites Google Sites Graffiti CMS Graffiti CMS Grav Grav Green Valley CMS Green Valley CMS GX WebManager GX WebManager Hippo Hippo Homeland Homeland Hotaru CMS Hotaru CMS Hugo Hugo IBM WebSphere Portal IBM WebSphere Portal ImpressCMS ImpressCMS ImpressPages ImpressPages Indexhibit Indexhibit Indico Indico InProces InProces InstantCMS InstantCMS io4 CMS io4 CMS Jalios Jalios Jekyll Jekyll Jimdo Jimdo Joomla Joomla Kentico CMS Kentico CMS Koala Framework Koala Framework Koken Koken Kolibri CMS Kolibri CMS Komodo CMS Komodo CMS Koobi Koobi Kooboo CMS Kooboo CMS Kotisivukone Kotisivukone LEPTON LEPTON Liferay Liferay LightMon Engine LightMon Engine Lithium Lithium LiveStreet CMS LiveStreet CMS Locomotive Locomotive Mambo Mambo MaxSite CMS MaxSite CMS Medium Medium Melis CMS V2 Melis CMS V2 Methode Methode Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint MODX MODX Moguta.CMS Moguta.CMS MotoCMS MotoCMS Movable Type Movable Type Mozard Suite Mozard Suite Mura CMS Mura CMS Mynetcap Mynetcap Neos CMS Neos CMS Nepso Nepso October CMS October CMS Octopress Octopress Odoo Odoo OpenCms OpenCms openEngine openEngine OpenNemas OpenNemas OpenText Web Solutions OpenText Web Solutions Ophal Ophal Orchard CMS Orchard CMS Pagekit Pagekit PANSITE PANSITE papaya CMS papaya CMS PencilBlue PencilBlue Percussion Percussion PHP-Fusion PHP-Fusion PHP-Nuke PHP-Nuke phpCMS phpCMS phpSQLiteCMS phpSQLiteCMS phpwind phpwind Pimcore Pimcore Pligg Pligg Plone Plone Posterous Posterous Proximis Omnichannel Proximis Omnichannel Public CMS Public CMS PyroCMS PyroCMS Quick.CMS Quick.CMS RBS Change RBS Change RCMS RCMS RiteCMS RiteCMS Roadiz CMS Roadiz CMS RockRMS RockRMS S.Builder S.Builder Sarka-SPIP Sarka-SPIP SDL Tridion SDL Tridion Serendipity Serendipity Silva Silva SilverStripe SilverStripe SIMsite SIMsite Sitecore Sitecore SiteEdit SiteEdit Sitefinity Sitefinity Sivuviidakko Sivuviidakko SmartSite SmartSite sNews sNews Solodev Solodev SpinCMS SpinCMS SPIP SPIP Squarespace Squarespace Squiz Matrix Squiz Matrix Stackla Social Hub Stackla Social Hub Subrion Subrion Sulu Sulu swift.engine swift.engine Telescope Telescope Textpattern CMS Textpattern CMS Thelia Thelia TiddlyWiki TiddlyWiki Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Translucide Translucide Twilight CMS Twilight CMS TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 CMS uCore uCore uKnowva uKnowva Umbraco Umbraco Ushahidi Ushahidi viennaCMS viennaCMS Vignette Vignette VIVVO VIVVO webEdition webEdition WebGUI WebGUI WebPublisher WebPublisher Webs Webs WebsiteBaker WebsiteBaker WebsPlanet WebsPlanet Weebly Weebly Wix Wix Wolf CMS Wolf CMS WordPress WordPress XOOPS XOOPS XpressEngine XpressEngine