Websites using CMS

These are the top websites in the category CMS based on the number of detections by Wappalyzer in the last 7 days.

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Market share

This chart shows the global market share of technologies in the category CMS. The current market leader is WordPress.

Top 10 Applications

These are the most used technologies in the category CMS. Numbers are based on websites visited by Wappalyzer users in the last six months.

# Application Websites Detections
1 WordPressWordPress 2,412,285 130,966,096
2 JoomlaJoomla 518,037 18,860,215
3 DrupalDrupal 286,710 31,876,653
4 TYPO3 CMSTYPO3 CMS 74,588 3,891,915
5 WixWix 60,257 378,974
6 SquarespaceSquarespace 58,748 888,186
7 1C-Bitrix1C-Bitrix 53,177 5,864,855